Challenges for the future

2018-10-17 Challenges for the future

Małopolska SME sector brands are developing dynamically and as a result they can become a market leader, however they must learn to shape their strong brand image.

The SME sector is a core of the economy in Poland. Companies that belong to the group are dynamic and quickly adjust to market conditions, demonstrating at the same time healthy competition. The sector is characterised by three positive trends. 1]   Since 2014, percentage of micro-enterprises consistently rises. 2]   There is an increase of SME's share in the creation of Polish GDP and employment as they create about 70% of all work places. 3]   SME companies are oriented towards development (they prepare and implement innovations) and more frequently become present at an international level.
It can be expected that the role of SME sector as a generator of jobs and creator of innovation will be flourishing with the possible help of government introducing simplifications to legal and tax regulations, local administration as well as institutions from business environment, e.g. agencies of regional and local development. Such a chance is also posed by the idea of Regional Smart Specialisations that may both direct the development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and create an image of the whole region.

Entrepreneurs perceive the efforts of regional authorities undertaken for the promotion of Małopolska brand. The key is to show now the connection between advantages from a recognisable regional brand and trade promotion of companies’ brands. Consistent realisation of this idea and surrounding it with practical programmes provides a chance for an increase in the SME sector from Małopolska within the national economy.

SME companies from the Małopolska region have to consider how to respectively build a brand and shape its image. This constitutes the unused development potential of SME companies from Małopolska. It should not be forgotten that intangible brand value translates into higher revenue in the long term. The aim of companies from Małopolska should be to strengthen brands as due to this, they will be able to become recognised in the branch and compete not only by means of price but also by delivered values. Creation of stronger brands is conditional for even more regional small and medium-sized companies to deserve the title of Ambassadors of Małopolska, both at the national and international level. Companies are responsible for building their strong brands but can take advantage of support from authorities and public institutions responsible for the development and image of the whole Małopolska Province.