Success in Małopolska

2018-10-17 Success in Małopolska

Building a strong brand is not an easy task. It requires products and services of the highest quality and a constant review of who we are and what are the aims that we strive for as a company. Engagement in brand communication strategy cannot be a one-off occurrence, only at the stage of its creation. The key is to undertake a broader perspective and insight into the values that our brand will carry.

The SME category in Małopolska is highly differentiated in terms of economic potential (measured based on employment rate and volume of revenue), corporation culture and development of management structures. On the one hand, there are organisations described by their CEOs as: “The company is me”, named with their own surnames. In such cases they are the main shareholders of owned companies, are proud of them and feel primary responsibility for them. On the other hand, there are enterprises that function according to the developed corporation practices. The differences can be seen at the level of the assumed business model, depending on the stage of development of the company.
What all representatives of SMEs have in common is a conviction that they are at the onset of their way and can see great development potential of their organisations. This development is, in fact, understood differently. In particular, in the case of small brands, some being family brands, there is a fear of an uncontrolled increase and over investment. They focus rather on quality standard maintenance within acceptable margins and not on scalability of business.

When asked about perspective of the upcoming years, entrepreneurs from Małopolska define the following objectives:
1]   Additional investment of the company through ensuring of solid and sufficient sources of finance and increase. 2]   Creation of a business model that will provide optimal growth independently  of fluctuations and turmoil taking  place in business surroundings. 3]   Commencement or expansion of exports. 4]   Gaining a good position in branch rankings, which will translate into greater credibility both in the eyes of clients and competitors.
Business in Małopolska, when looking ahead, tend to focus mainly on infrastructural categories, connected with the need of development and improvement of equipment and technology, rarely paying attention to strengthening of brand position. At the same time, there are companies within the SME sector that approach building of their brand in a mature way and consistently develop their marketing competencies.